U.S. Senate Campaign Manager


Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Maine is looking for an innovative, relentless go-getter of a campaign manager who believes in making the American government more representative of the people and is dedicated to effectively executing a grassroots campaign.


● Oversees all aspects of statewide campaign

● Hires and manages staffers, volunteers, and entire campaign operation

● Aggressively converts campaign events/moments/connections into opportunities and momentum

● Tracks progress of goals and makes adjustments as necessary

● Creatively problem solves complex scenarios in the moment

● Treats all different kinds of people with respect and courtesy

● Works well in a team and contributes to a positive, mission-based work environment

● Has excellent written and verbal communication skills; knows how to inspire

● Has experience managing political campaign(s)

Pay is competitive. Health insurance offered.

Please email natalie@ringelsteinformaine.com with a resume.