Ensure Students Graduate College Without Debt


“My wife and I had over $150,000 of debt when we left college and we had no idea how we would ever buy a home with healthcare costs, car payments, and the basic costs of life.” 

- Zak Ringelstein -


America’s university system is the best in the world, but that certainly does not mean everyone has equal access. My wife and I had over 150,000 dollars of debt when we left college and most of our friends have a similar burden. This is a crisis of mass proportions that is preventing a whole generation of working-class Americans from buying homes, going to college, and taking steps to advance up the economic ladder. This will lead to large-scale economic disaster if left unfixed.

Our plan to ensure students graduate college without debt includes:

  1. Forgiveness of all 1.5 trillion dollars of student debt in America to reduce inequality and spur economic growth.

  2. Free tuition at all public colleges and universities;

  3. Refinancing college loans at lower rates;

  4. Allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for FAFSA; and,

  5. Loan forgiveness programs (similar to the G.I. Bill) for Americans who serve their country as teachers, nurses, social workers, and other service professions.