End the Opioid Epidemic


"If big pharma would give even a fraction of its profits back to our communities, we would have the resources needed to solve one of the biggest challenges America has ever had to confront."

- Zak Ringelstein -


Fighting the opioid epidemic requires a joint emergency response on the local, state and national levels of government that starts with getting pharmaceutical companies out of Washington. We need to solve the underlying economic, education, and social problems that are causing people to use opioids. Individuals and families affected need wrap-around support from health care services, mental health providers, faith centers, and other community groups. Mainers need support groups and increased access to overdose-reversing treatment, which requires more certified providers. 

Our plan to end the opioid epidemic includes:

  1. Barring pharmaceutical companies from lobbying and contributing to federal election campaigns;
  2. Better training and laws for doctors and providers prescribing opioids;

  3. More funding for scientific research on addiction treatment;

  4. Better local access to overdose-reversing treatment and training for proper treatment techniques;

  5. Setting up safe injection sites to save lives and improve public health;

  6. More funding for trauma-informed teaching in public schools; and, 

  7. Large-scale public education efforts for prevention.