Ensure Women's Equality


"America needs to be the shining example around the world of what equal pay in the workplace can mean for an economy that truly embraces women’s rights."

- Zak Ringelstein -


Women are beyond capable in the boardroom, at the surgical table, and in the Oval Office. Women now outperform men in education attainment and now need to be paid equally in the workplace. Women deserve the right to choose how they treat their bodies and men have no right to say otherwise. 

Our plan to ensure women's equality includes:

  1. Requiring equal pay in the workplace;
  2. Expanding and protecting reproductive rights, including the assurance of gender parity in discussions regarding women's health care; 

  3. Supporting the development of greater gender equity in local, municipal, and state-level governments;

  4. Providing childcare subsidies and universal pre-K; and, 

  5. Establishing a national standard of 12 weeks paid maternity leave