Fight for Racial Justice


"We need to be honest about institutional racism in our country. Only then can we truly live up to our nation's most fundamental creed that β€˜all people are created equal.’"

- Zak Ringelstein -


We believe that people of different creeds, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, nationalities, and backgrounds belong right here in Maine with equal rights and protections under the law. We have been reminded far too often this year that we have too long a way to go until we achieve racial equality. The criminal justice system too often penalizes people of color with harsher enforcement and longer sentences. The education system too often treats people of color like a problem rather than an opportunity. We need to open doors to successful futures and stop closing them due to antiquated racial biases.

Our plan to fight for racial justice includes:

  1. Investing in our education system at all levels, providing people of all races and ethnicities the opportunity to step onto the ladder of opportunity with excellent education and better access to high-paying jobs;
  2. Investing in community groups and local businesses;

  3. Creating positive portrayals of people of color in all forms of media;

  4. Removing personal expenses from the legal system, such as bail and other processing fees;

  5. Ending capital punishment;

  6. Decriminalizing drug use, and, retroactively, non-violent drug-related offenses;

  7. Getting rid of mandatory minimum sentences;

  8. Deprivatizing the prison system and taking meaningful steps to ensure the ratio of people of color in prison is proportional to their percentage of the American population;

  9. Demilitarizing law enforcement and establishing legal accountability for law enforcement officers who have abused their power or have a history of targeting people of color; 

  10. Ending food deserts through investment in local cooperatives; and,

  11. Eliminating inequality and modern-day segregation in our healthcare system.