Get Money Out of Politics


"The right thing is always the right thing. I am so disgusted by the low bar we set for the leaders who create the policy that affects my family’s life so deeply." 

- Zak Ringelstein -


We always ask why the richest country in the world doesn't have excellent affordable universal healthcare or why tax cuts continue to be given to the wealthiest Americans. We can say once and for all that we know the reason. It is because corporations and the ultra-wealthy control policy in Washington -- and this needs to end. We are running without a single penny from corporations or PACs because we believe that we need to usher in a new era of real public servants who are not influenced by big money.

Billionaires and corporations fund congressional campaigns and expect something in return: control over our elected leaders’ votes. A recent Princeton study shows that there is a strong correlation between the demands of the wealthy and congressional votes, but no correlation between the needs of the working-class and congressional votes. This is corruption and must end immediately.


Our plan to revive American democracy includes:

  1. Overturning Citizens United, ending corporate campaign lobbying, and creating a publicly financed federal clean election system;

  2. Ending all forms of gerrymandering; 

  3. Declaring a federal voting holiday so that all citizens have the time and opportunity to vote; and,

  4. Creating Congressional term limits of 2 terms for U.S. Senators and 3 terms for U.S. Representatives.