Finance Director

The finance director will be responsible for raising the money that will allow the campaign to accomplish its goals. The finance director will work closely with the candidate, campaign manager and a finance committee to meet the financial goals of the campaign. They will be in charge of keeping the candidate on track with fundraising, preparing for and staffing call time, and overseeing all fundraising events. A good fundraiser will be highly organized, outgoing and willing to push the candidate and campaign toward meeting their fundraising goals.

  • Will seize the moment and aggressively convert campaign events/moments/connections into fundraising opportunities

  • Has excellent written and verbal communication skills; knows how to inspire

  • Treats all different kinds of people with respect and courtesy

  • Works well in a team and contributes to a positive, mission-based work environment

  • Has basic understanding of election rules/laws

  • Works well with outside support, including a finance consultant

  • Can manage and operate call times

  • Can generate a pipeline of prospective donors through creative means

  • Can oversee other staffers

  • Can track progress of goals and make adjustments as necessary


If you are interested in this position please submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to