Part-Time Office Manager Job Description

The Office manager will be responsible for maintaining the campaign office and coordinating the administrative aspects of the campaign. They may need to manage staff, infrastructure, supplies, and a many other details. This person will need to have a good over-view of the entire campaign and the ability to solve problems as they arise.

The Office Manager will be responsible for:

  • Keep the office clean and organized

  • Request vacation day(s) and schedule changes (including non-emergency doctor’s appointments) at least two weeks in advance to the Campaign Manager

  • Submit new employee documents to our health insurance agency and payroll.

  • Receive all office mail and make sure it gets to the right person in the office.

  • Coordinate payments to our vendors.

  • Keeps an inventory of palm cards, bumper stickers, stickers, buttons, etc, and orders more as needed.


If you are interested in this position please submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to