Create Living Wage Jobs


“As an entrepreneur who successfully started a company with over $150,000 in college debt, scaled it to thousands of schools, and sold it less than three years later -- I understand what it means to build a successful business from scratch and innovate upon broken systems.”

- Zak Ringelstein -


Maine is a state with the hardest working people in the world and an unparalleled abundance of natural resources. Yet we were just ranked one of the least innovative states in the country and our second congressional district is in a decade-long economic depression. We believe that this is because of bad governance and we now have a huge opportunity to reenvision what Maine’s future economy can be. There are several industries — including technology, renewable energy, agriculture, and aquaculture — that have begun to grow in recent years and have the potential to be the cutting edge of innovation. With bold leadership and massive investment in both our urban, and our rural economies, Maine can be a leader in American innovation and start paying people a high wage.

Due largely to damaging trade agreements and a system that rewards moving money more than hard work, the economy has favored some areas of the country more than others. Wealth disparity is not just growing between people; it is growing between regions. This trend disproportionately hurts rural Maine and we believe we can put an end to this with common-sense programs.


Our plan to reignite Maine’s economy includes:

  1. Jobs For All: guaranteed employment for all Americans at living wages with full benefits;

  2. Massive location-specific federal investment in entrepreneurship, existing businesses, and new offices for established corporations;

  3. Internet For All: ensuring every home and business, especially those in rural areas, has high-speed broadband.

  4. Prosperity Corps: sending Maine-born and educated entrepreneurs and high-performing college graduates to rural areas to start companies, farms, restaurants, and breweries;

  5. Comprehensive federal and state investment in infrastructure, including new roads, airports, harbors, railways, hospitals, schools, and broadband internet throughout Maine;

  6. Land grants for new universities, technical schools, and community colleges; and,

  7. Protecting our economy from harmful international trade agreements, specifically NAFTA.

New, world-class business means that we will have more tax dollars and, most importantly, more good-paying jobs across the state. Everyone deserves an opportunity to do work that they love every day and, with investment and new ideas, we can lay the groundwork for an economy that inspires American innovation.