Make the Rich Pay Their Fare Share of Taxes


"The recent tax bill would never, ever have happened if politicians weren't able to take dark money to fund their campaigns."

- Zak Ringelstein -


The recent tax bill made it abundantly clear that big corporation and the ultra-wealthy control Washington. We have taxes because all levels of government need money to run programs that benefit the common good of our society. Effective government -- not “big government” -- gives every person in this country the opportunity to live the American dream. No one likes taxes and the idea of tax cuts is a good one, but only when it applies to the Americans who can use cuts the most: the middle class and small business. Unconscionably, Congress has used their power to cut taxes for those who need it the least -- wealthy donors -- and we need to reverse the damage of this tax bill immediately.

Our plan to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes includes:

  1. Lowering taxes for the bottom 90% of wealth earners in America and raising taxes for the top 10% of wealth earners in America;
  2. Reimplementation of the estate tax with no exclusion amounts and a top tax rate of at least 55%;

  3. Giving tax cuts to small businesses, early-stage entrepreneurs, and students on all levels;

  4. Closing all corporate tax loopholes and create strict bans on offshore accounts; and,

  5. Creating strict conditions for corporate tax cuts that ensure money is actually benefiting the overall economy: all money saved has to be either given to hire more Americans, raise employee salaries/benefits, or invest in company inventory/equipment.