Why We Shouldn’t Settle for Angus King


With ranked choice voting, there is no spoiler effect and we don’t have to pick the lesser of two evils. We can vote our hopes by ranking Zak 1st and Angus 2nd. Here’s Angus King’s record.

Senator Angus King:

  • Voted against equal pay for women

  • Voted against military sexual assault prevention legislation

  • Introduced a bill to fast track gas pipeline permits, bypassing community and tribal rights

  • Co-sponsored bill to gut Dodd-Frank and deregulate Wall Street

  • Voted to reauthorize warrantless spying program as part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

  • As governor, vetoed minimum wage increases 3 times

  • Voted for Pompeo, Tillerson, Carson, Zinke, Perry, and Azar

  • Votes with Trump almost half of the time

  • Voted for George W Bush in 2000