Promote Global Peace and Human Rights


“Fear and profit must never dictate foreign policy. Peace and human rights should.”

- Zak Ringelstein -


The United States is strongest and safest when we are a force for peace and partnership around the globe. We cannot be fooled by jingoistic language such as “America First,” meant to appeal to our darkest emotions and increase defense company profit by way of the military industrial complex.  It is our moral imperative to not give into the calls of profit-seeking fear mongers, but instead serve as a role model for human rights, prosperity, freedom, cooperation, and economic justice.


Our plan to promote global peace and human rights includes:

  1. Getting all defense company lobbyists out of Washington and keeping our brave soldiers out of unnecessary conflicts (read more about Zak’s policies on veterans affairs);

  2. Supporting the global non-proliferation of nuclear weapons;

  3. Holding ourselves accountable to the Geneva Convention, with particular regard to “torture or inhuman treatment,” and holding other nations accountable to the same standards;

  4. Closing Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp;

  5. Continuing to lead the world in global health research and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases;

  6. Leading the world in the effort to defeat climate change (read more about Zak’s policies on preserving the environment);

  7. Protecting the United States from cyber warfare and other digital threats that challenge our national security and endanger our democracy;

  8. Welcoming refugees with open arms and providing them opportunities to contribute to our society; and,

  9. Standing up for persecuted groups who face genocidal threats around the globe.