Protect and Preserve Our Environment


“This is the only planet we have and I refuse to leave my children an earth where they can’t thrive.” 

- Zak Ringelstein -


We believe the future of our planet depends on us significantly curbing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and we don't think we are doing nearly enough. The effects of climate change are real and will continue to take a devastating toll on Maine, the United States, and our planet, including: natural disasters; rising waters; shrinking and moving fish populations, including lobsters; wildfires; spread of disease; water scarcity; loss of wildlife; and agricultural struggles. Already over half of the world’s wildlife has been decimated since the 1970’s, and it is going to take major efforts to preserve, protect, and regenerate our natural ecosystem here in Maine.


Our plan to protect and preserve our environment includes:

  1. Divesting from fossil fuels once and for all;

  2. Leading the world with an economy that generates all energy from renewable sources;

  3. Renewing our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement;

  4. Protecting and preserve larger tracts of American land;

  5. Creating higher standards for pollution reduction, and hold parties accountable for their emissions;

  6. Preventing private ownership of public resources by corporations like Nestle/Poland Springs; 

  7. Creating a carbon tax to incentivize businesses and individuals to meet CO2 reduction goals; and,

  8. Investment in public education programs that develop environmental stewardship in present and future generations of Americans.