Salute Our Military and Provide Our Veterans with Top-Notch Services


“My two brothers have served with our country with honor and the least we can do is give them the respect and dignity they deserve.”

- Zak Ringelstein -


We believe America should be a force for peace, freedom, and security around the globe. Americans who put themselves in harm’s way to defend our freedoms deserve the highest quality services - no questions asked. There is no excuse for rampant veteran homelessness. There is no excuse for second-rate care, long lines, old equipment, denial of service, limited access to facilities, or long claims processes. We owe our soldiers the very best when they come home and we must provide pathways to happy, productive lives right here in our country.

Our plan to provide veterans with top-notch services includes:

  1. Higher quality VA hospitals with the most cutting edge medical equipment in the world;

  2. More VA facilities with better geographical coverage across America;

  3. More VA personnel, especially top-notch healthcare providers;

  4. Comprehensive dental services for veterans;

  5. Comprehensive mental health services for veterans;

  6. Efficient, reliable and user-friendly VA claims processes with shorter wait-lists;

  7. Better jobs programs for returning veterans;

  8. Better family and community transition services for returning veterans.

  9. Giving veterans free admission to all national parks;

  10. Giving women in the military the ability to choose their obstetricians, gynecologists, and other women's health care providers;

  11. Mandating that sexual assault cases are heard outside of their chain of command to protect victims who experience retaliation for reporting;

  12. Ensuring that anybody who wants to serve, including transgender Americans, has the same opportunity to defend our country as anyone else;

  13. Giving Military fathers 6 weeks of paternity leave (current military standard allows for only 10 days); 

  14. Providing more incentives for medical and dental companies to accept TRICARE.