Here's what Lincoln County Indivisible has to say about Zak Ringelstein:

"Let’s talk about the Senate race and Zak Ringelstein. Aren’t you worried about backing a spoiler?

If the voters approve Ranked Choice Voting on June 12, there will be no problem, because RCV eliminates the spoiler effect.

If RCV fails on June 12, then we all have some thinking to do. We put the question directly to Zak’s campaign, and this is the answer they gave:

We think there's a high chance that Ranked Choice voting will pass on June 12, be used for the November 6 general election, and greatly contribute to Zak’s ability to win this U.S. Senate race. In the event RCV does not pass, there will be hard choices because of "spoiler" realities and perceptions, and we can promise that we won't allow a spoiler to give the seat to a Republican.

Meanwhile, here’s the reason we voted to endorse Zak. His answers were far and away the most thoughtful, complete, and far-reaching of any candidate to participate in our process. His policies and thinking on every issue we care about are inspiring, instructive, wide-ranging, and comprehensive. He earned a mean score of 62 (out of 75 possible points) to Angus’s 41.

We’ve also noted that Senator King has been making some questionable votes lately, as on the banking bill, and that he has by and large voted to confirm most of Trump’s nominees. He is still operating as if we were in a business as usual model, and won’t agree to slow down McConnell’s effort to stuff the courts with barely qualified, far-right, lifetime appointments. In short, Angus is a sometime-reliable ally but Zak is a true progressive.

At a recent leadership training in Hartford, I brought up this race and the electability question to the people who wrote the book on Indivisible endorsements. After hearing me out on all the twists and factors involved, they said this: 'It’s not that often that a truly great candidate comes along. When one does, it’s a cause for celebration and support.'”