Support Immigrants and New Americans


“I am a descendant of immigrants and have spent most of my career teaching in immigrant communities. There is nothing more hopeful than families who believe in the American dream and want to become part of our great American story.” 

- Zak Ringelstein -


The American story is one of people coming to America with hopes and ideas and dreams. As has always been the case, our future prosperity depends on our ability to welcome immigrants with open arms. Immigrants start businesses at almost twice the rate of native-born Americans, create jobs, build new innovation, contribute to research, and are active members of American communities. I stand with all immigrants who seek to make a better life for their family here in America.

Our plan to support immigrants and new Americans includes:

  1. Abolish ICE;

  2. Making all DREAMers citizens;

  3. Providing undocumented citizens a reasonable, affordable pathway to citizenship;

  4. Creating stronger accountability systems for individuals, institutions, and government agencies that discriminate against immigrants; and,

  5. Fair housing laws for all