Support People with Disabilities


"My dad is a social worker, and he always taught us that 'meeting people where they are at' and 'putting others before yourself' are essential parts of being an American citizen." 

- Zak Ringelstein -


America has made progress with people with disabilities through legislation like the Americans With Disabilities Act, but it isn’t nearly enough. With 80% of Americans with disabilities unemployed, it is our obligation to reenvision an America where people with disabilities thrive as members of a community with jobs and meaningful support systems. With funds drying up for essential housing, care, and services, we must commit to fully funding programs at the Department of Health and Human Services so that we can truly value every American’s life equally.

Our plan to support people with disabilities includes:

  1. Ensuring there are enough beds and providers for every American who needs it;
  2. Incentivizing more Americans to work as direct care providers in home health care settings by increasing baseline pay;

  3. Guaranteeing vital health services, including preventative services; 

  4. Expanding the Social Security Disability Service; and, 

  5. Creating better education opportunities and jobs programs that meet people with disabilities where they are at and provide appropriate amounts of support for success.